Worlds 2017 Salamanca – L’Art de la Guerre

Date: 4, 5 et 6 August 2017

Where : Salamanca Forum – Hotel Doña Brigida


Avda. del tormes s/n (urb, Vega de Salamanca),

37185 Villamayor,



Rules :

L’Art de la Guerre – 2014 (V3) with all clarifications and official errata at:

The umpire’s rulings will be final.

We will use the standard scoring system found in the rules.

Army lists :

All army lists are authorized. The lists will not exceed 200 points. Players will be able to send in two versions of the same list without any restrictions on the date or geographical origin, After announcing your list to your opponent, both players will place on the table the version of the list they will use before the initiative die roll. After all ambushes are revealed and flank marches have arrived, both players will check the other’s list. All mistakes will be penalized by the umpire.

In order to make list checking easier, please use the following website to create your army list (allies in the last command):

Please indicate in the “troop sdescription” the description as found in the army list in the rulebook.

All lists must be sent to the umpire by Monday 10th July 2017 at:

On 15th July, the list of participants and their lists will be published. In order to encourage players to respect the deadline, after July 15th all published army lists will be considered reserved and no longer available for late entries.


15 mm. All figures to be painted and based and with an approximate resemblance to the historical troop type they are trying to represent.

Time and length of games

Friday: From 17.00 until end of game.


9.30 to 12.00: Second game

12.00 to 12.30: Snack

12.30 to 15.00: Third game

15.00 to 16.00: Lunch

16.00 to 18.30: Fourth game


8.30 to 11.00: Fifth game

11.00 to 11.30: Snack

11.30 to 14.00: Sixth game

14.30: Prize-giving

15.00: Lunch

The first game has no time limit. The other games will finish within 2h15 and 2h35 of the start of a game. All games will finish at the end of the defender’s round.

Terrain :

Please bring your own terrain. The umpire will remove all unusual, unfair or illegal terrain pieces.

Pairings :

For the first game, pairing will be decided according to the following criteria: time of arrival, nationality of player and player club. As soon as a player arrives at the organization’s table, he will be assigned a table number where he will play the player who arrived before him. Where possible we will try to avoid pairing between players of the same nationality and club.

For subsequent games, pairing will be based on a player’s ranking without taking into account nationality.

No one will be allowed to play the same opponent twice.

Umpire :

The umpire will be Julián López.

Fee : 35€ (To be confirmed). This includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday at the venue.


The Doña Brigida hotel has been reserved for this event so if you wish to book a room there please contact the El Corte Ingles travel agents:

Please see attached document for a list and special prices you can get through this travel agents. The El Corte Ingles travel agents can also help you organize the rest of your trip in Spain if you should so wish.