ADLG Tournament Info

The competition will be Open with all army lists allowed.
Each player is allowed a double list (2 different lists for the same army the chosen one hard copy must be put on the table before deployment for random referee check) .
Armies will have to be 200 points.
6 games : 1 on Friday 20h00 , 3 on Saturday, 2 on sunday
Games will be 2 hours and 30 min long .
A minimum of 7 turns must be completed.
Blitz will be used in order to complete at least 7 turns. 3 minutes to move, shooting and combat off time.
All the rules of the last ” Tournament Organization Charter” are in use, please take care about the list, and must be submitted with the proper excel file
Art de La Guerre 3rd edition rules with the latest Faq. From the ADLG website will be used.

The tournament organizers will provide terrain and dice.
In no case can personal dice be used.
The use of Average Dice is not permitted
Rerolls can be used if both players agree
Referees: TBD
Lists checkers:
Deadline for the army lists submission: 20 May 2019 at midnight.
Late list: If a player sends his list late, the referee can, penalize the player by inflicting 20 penalty points on the tournament score.

The organization is happy to give each participant a welcome kit.

Each player will be be registered with id number that is find in :